Gorgeousness Home

Gorgeousness Home

Today we shine the stockist spotlight on Gorgeousness Home to hear about their journey as an al.ive body stockist.

How did you first come across al.ive body

Our love affair with al.ive body began when Kate was gifted a Duo pack by a friend, and decided we simply had to stock it in our store.

What do your customers think about al.ive body products?

We find that al.ive brings customers to our store. They come in for and al.ive products and more often than not, they’ll add a piece of clothing or decor to their purchase which is great for them and us!

We also appreciate that stocking al.ive products ensures repeat business. Customers will come in for their refills or to explore the fresh new products regularly introduced to the range. It's not just our customers who love it; our staff members are also devoted users of al.ive products in their own homes.

What do you love most about al.ive body?

There is so much to love about al.ive body products! We adore the exceptional quality of the ingredient. All-natural and palm oil-free, ensuring a pure and luxurious experience for our customers. The product smell and feel divine on the skin. Another aspect we love is the beautiful packaging. It exudes a high-end aesthetic and even doubles as stylish decor when used for styling purposes.

Additionally, the pricing is very reasonable. It strikes the perfect balance between affordability and exceptional quality, making it an ideal choice for gifting.

Not a day goes by we don’t sell al.ive body products. Even on slower days, we can always rely on the popularity and demand for this beautiful brand.