Canopy Home Fashion

Canopy Home Fashion

This month we sat down with Skye from Canopy Home Fashion to hear about their journey as an al.ive body stockist.

How did you first come across al.ive body

We initially came across al.ive body when Alisa and Lysandra approached us to stock their product. Although we were impressed with the testers they provided, we weren't certain if it would fit in our store at the time. However, when we opened our second store in Port Adelaide, we saw it as an opportunity to experiment with something new. The brand gained significant traction there, to the point that our customers in Noarlunga started expressing their desire for it as well. As a result, we now proudly stock just about the entire range of al.ive body products in both of our stores.

What do your customers think about al.ive body products?

Our customers absolutely adore al.ive body products. In fact, al.ive was our top brand for 2022, which speaks volumes about the love they have for these products. The Kaffir Lime & Green Tea Duo specifically stood out as our second-highest-selling product for the entire year. Incredibly, a total of 5 al.ive products made it into our top 10 list. It's truly amazing to see such strong support and enthusiasm from our customers.

What do you love most about al.ive body?

The best thing about al.ive body is that it offers beautiful, nasties-free Australian-made products. As stockists, it's a big deal for us to sell a brand that prioritizes quality and supports our local community in South Australia. 

The refill pouches they offer are a brilliant addition, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and attention to detail. Customers can confidently purchase knowing they're getting a brand that has thought through every aspect of their products.